Show and Meet 2011

Despite the unsettled weather during the preceeding week, and heavy rain in some parts of the South West on the morning of the show, apart from a couple of early morning heavy showers when we were setting up, the afternoon turned out bright, warm and sunny.

Bike numbers were just down on the previous year, presumably because of the uncertainty of the weather, but there were more trade and club stands than last year.

We made just over £2,000 for DAAT. What a result! Thanks to everyone who supported the show.

If you have any photo's of the 2011 show and would like to put them on this site, email them to me or give me a link.

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See you on 14th July, 2012!

Photo’s courtesy of Rob Chapman, DAM,

and Mike Pinn, MAG Taunton.

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Motorcycle Clubs

If you would like a space reserved for your club stand so that you can keep your bikes together and maybe have a gazebo or table promoting your club, let me know  by email:

If enough clubs show an interest, we may have a Best Club trophy